Celebrate with the Federal Government

In 2023, German Unity Day is being celebrated in Hamburg. The Federal Government will also be joining in the celebrations. This year, all departments will be represented in the inner courtyard of the Rathaus. There will be a general information stand on the Rathausplatz. The highlight will be the Q&A sessions with citizens and federal ministers in the Chamber of Commerce on the 2nd and 3rd of October. You are warmly invited to participate.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Seventy years ago, when Soviet tanks crushed the people’s uprising in the former GDR, it seemed that the division of Germany had become permanent. Those tanks marked the end of the dream of liberty and democracy that had driven hundreds of thousands of courageous citizens out onto the streets of East Germany to protest on the 17th of June 1953.

There followed nearly 40 years of bitter division for our country. Ultimately, though, the dream of liberty and democracy and the courage of the people of East Germany were stronger than the wall and the death strip of the GDR. In 1989, the dream that seemed for decades so unattainable finally became reality. With their peaceful revolution, the citizens of East Germany literally overcame the wall and the borders – and gave our country unity in peace and liberty.

This is what we celebrate on the 3rd of October – and this year the celebrations take place in Hamburg, my home city. The 3rd of October also serves to remind us that peace, freedom and democracy can never be taken for granted. Russia’s terrible invasion of Ukraine makes this very clear. We support Ukraine and the nation’s citizens in their fight for liberty and the unity of their country – and we will continue to do so for as long as is necessary.

We also stand shoulder to shoulder in our own country. Finally, since the 1st of July, we have pension parity for pensioners in the east and the west. This is a historic step. Economically, the east is firmly on the path to growth. Enterprises from Germany and around the world are investing billions in future industries such as semi-conductor manufacturing, renewable energy and electric mobility.

This is highly deserved recognition of the achievements and hard work of the citizens of eastern Germany in the past three decades. It is also an incentive for us to work together to ensure wage equality and common perspectives in east and west. Hamburg’s motto for German Unity Day, “Opening Horizons”, serves to remind us of these goals.

New prospects emerging on the horizon always bring new opportunities. And particularly so if we, the citizens of Germany, stand together firmly in unity. That was the case in 1989/90, the historic year of change, and it is the same now, as we face challenges in Germany and Europe.

We are fortunate to be able to tackle these challenges as a strong, unified country – as a country that is building a common future.

I wish you all joyous celebrations on German Unity Day!

The Federal Chancellor heads the Federal Government. Together with the federal ministers, he forms the Federal Government, the cabinet. In addition to the Chancellor’s authority to issue directives, two principles determine the work of the Federal Government:

  1. The departmental principle stipulates that the ministers manage their areas independently within the framework of the guidelines.
  2. The collegial principle stipulates that the federal government decides on disputes by majority vote. The number of ministers is not specified in the Basic Law.


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