The German Bundestag is the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. The members of parliament are the only directly elected representatives of all the citizens of Germany. The parliamentarians elect, for example, the federal chancellor, they advise on and pass laws and control the work of the government. Learn more about how parliament works and what powers it has. Meet the President of the German Bundestag and her representatives, members of parliament and administrative staff of the Bundestag and get talking to them!

At the celebrations for German Unity Day, the German Bundestag will be presenting itself alongside the other constitutional bodies at the Rathausmarkt in Hamburg from the 2nd to the 3rd of October 2023.

Take a seat in a replica of the plenary chamber and see what it feels like to be a parliamentarian. Test your knowledge in a parliament quiz, learn about the publications of the Bundestag and talk to representatives, go on a virtual tour of the parliament building or take a souvenir photo at the replica lectern of the chamber.


This film gives an insight into the heart of our democracy: a house of history, of art, of many different points of view and yet of unity.

Credits: Narrator: Eva Becker, Camera: Jonathan Ibeka / Paul Wehden, Director / Writer: Blessen Kizhakkethottam, Edit: Jonathan Ibeka, Editing: IK SoM / Blessen Kizhakkethottam, Copyright: German Bundestag

Visit the Bundestag in Berlin


Bärbel Bas, Präsidentin des Deutschen Bundestages

Kuppel des Reichstagsgebäude



Präsidium des Deutschen Bundestages

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