Great things have  small beginnings


At the heart of Europe, in southwestern Germany, in the Greater Region: Saarland is the most French of all German states – and, just like their neighbours on the other side of the border, the people of Saarland appreciate the fine art of savoir vivre. Over the course of 200 years, the state changed hands eight times, but never relinquished its identity. This is something that has shaped the mindset of the people of Saarland. Short distances, close personal relationships, a lively sense of community, a willingness to roll up their sleeves and pitch in, including in a wide range of voluntary activities and charities: all of these attributes make for a region that is focussed on the future and on progress. The state is the ideal place to work, study, conduct research, enjoy life and relax. Word of the broad choice of attractions and activities for tourists is spreading: more and more guests are discovering the unbeatable choice of active, nature and culture holidays along the Saar.

5 Highlights
im Saarland

Saar Loop

The Saar Look is the state’s most instantly recognisable landmark, and a popular excursion destination for guests from near and far.

Saar Polygon

Visible from afar, the Saar Polygon is a reminder of the end of coal mining in the Saar region in June 2012.

World Heritage Site Völklingen Ironworks

Mining meets the modern age at the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks, where fantastic exhibitions are regularly held and there is lots of space for art.

Bliesgau Biosphere

The Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve in the south-east of Saarland is one of 17 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Germany. The landscape is characterised by forests, wild orchards and the floodplains of the Blies River.

Tholey Abbey

Tholey Abbey is the oldest monastery on German soil. Three stained glass windows in the abbey church were designed by the famous artist Gerhard Richter.

Übersichtskarte Eventflächen


For the first time, the state of Saarland will be coming to the Festival of German Unity with a mobile pop-up showroom. Not only will it be a real eye-catcher and landmark at the heart of the Festival, it will also offer an unbeatable choice of attractions:

  • Take part in a quiz and win a Biosphere Safari: find out more about the smallest federal state in Germany in the Saarland Quiz, with questions about the UNESCO biosphere reserve Bliesgau, winner of the federal competition Sustainable Tourism Destinations in 2023. The main prize: a trip to the Bliesgau including accommodation at a glamping resort.
  • Saarland from above: thanks to technology developed in the state, the Saarbird gaming experience invites visitors to take a gesture-controlled sightseeing flight over the most European of all 16 federal states.
  • A state on the move: exciting facts and background information on key projects and investments that are driving structural change.
  • The Saarland Team at the info counter looks forward to chatting to visitors.

In other words, we’re offering great diversity and lots of attractive activities in a small area – as we said: great things always start out small.
Visitors can also expect great things when it comes to our culinary offerings: Saarland, a region with many starred chefs and with more joie de vivre and culinary delights than most, with specialties that are individual and sophisticated, down-to-earth and typical of the region. Saarland is renowned for great hospitality and a culture of enjoyment – both things that lie at the heart of the state’s barbecue culture. Expect sizzling specialities straight off the grill in a typical Saarland setting – but in the middle of Hamburg’s city centre. All this will be rounded off by live music and award-winning magic from the Saarland.




“Where people get to know each other, exchange ideas and discover new things together as good neighbours and friends, that’s where new horizons open up. German Unity Day in Hamburg provides a wonderful setting for this. Hamburg lets the familiar appear in a different light and sets new accents that allow our country to grow even closer together.”

Anke Rehlinger
Minister-President of Saarland


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